Born 1959 with music in my veins, the year music died some say, but I disagree. Music is alive and well and always will be, with genres to satisfy everyone.

Started playing professionally 1978 with a band from Oshawa Ontario called Quadrant, playing drums and singing at that time. Played with many great musicians over the years. It was in the eighties that I stopped drumming teamed up with guitarist Darren Whalen and formed the cover band KAOS a tribute to rock itself. Built on raw energy and power concentrating on the live show, doing justice to what ever we covered, from Tragically Hip to Creed, STP to Stevie Ray Vaughn,  Elvis to Chubby Checker, you get the idea. KAOS rocked Ontario for 25 years!

2013, big change, major step." No More Cover Tunes ". I wanted to do my own songs, I wanted to write , record and perform, music that does not exist. People ask "what is my style" , I say " I write what I feel, like it or not."

Now I write for my alter ego, DANO CHASE , and the band THE CHOSEN. First release dropped December 2016, with a spattering of air play here and there. Watch for # 2 hopefully sometime in 2018.

Meanwhile I hope you check in once and awhile for new developments, or add yourself to my mailing list.

Thanks, peace and be nice to someone.